We Both Win

Ask and It shall Be Given

What we do best is assist business owners in identifying and utilizing unknown, unrecognized, or underused resources.

Proper utilization of these resources generally represent

significant improvement of profit, which usually is the motive for being in businesss.

These resources may be internal or external or a combination of both.

One area we place tremendous emphasis is customer development, acquisition, retention, and management. When these area are handled properly a business can experience huge improvement in many business areas, quickly.

By assessment of your company strength and weaknesses we can help your company prosper, regardless of the economic climate.

Compensation for services rendered is accepted either with a flat fee arrangement, percentage of new dollars generated,
or exchange of product/services of participating business.

A combination of these compensations can be arranged.

We offer a no-nonsense performance agreement. Try us.


What if you and your company got just a little better at everthing you did every single day?

In just a few weeks you would be a lot better than you are now. After several months you probably be among the top firms in your industry.

And in a year or two you'd be the best - practically perfect - so good your customers would simply have to do business with you.

On the other hand, what if your competitors constantly improved while you stayed the same?
Before long, you'd be out of business.

YOU can pursue quality and reap untold rewards or continue doing thing the same old way and harvest total failure.





If you are like most people I speak with, before you make a purchase, there are couple of things you want to be sure of, first.

Usually they are:
(1) The product/service will work for you and
(2) more than likely, you would like to try the product service before you buy it, and
(3) The product/service is guaranteed.

Should you not be 100% service satisfied, you would get your money back or be fairly compensated.

There are additional concerns, I am sure, however, these seem to be the key ones.

Also, I’ve noticed most people in a start-up ( less than 1 year operation), newly established (1-3 years operation),
or stablilized ( 4-5 years operation) business have some common likeness which are:

(1) Working on a very tight budget or
(2) NO budget.

Sad, but, true.

Recognizing and accepting these business realities and to assist potential clients, who find my $100 per hour consultation fee not within budget allowance.

I have put in place another option that may help create us a win-win start.

I am agreeable to establishing a retainer fee arrangement.

Its Simple, Its Fair, Its practical, Its effective, and most importantly, Its Work.

Open a marketing and promotional strategy retainer account for $200.

For that $200, you will have access to my 25 years plus experience in business development, marketing, promotions, and sales.

You will authorized to receive information and insights on the most requested business development areas;

Customer Acquisition,

Customer Retention,


Sales development,

Sales strategies,

Promotional ideas, Advertising analysis,

and general business concerns.

You will assigned 2 hours of telephonic consultation.

Use these hours as your needs arise.

I will Review, Assess, and Recommend the best strategy for growing your business.

Use the 2 hours to your advantage. No expiration date.

Should, through consultation, a determination is made you require my assistance in creating, implementing,
monitoring, restructuring any business development area, a consultation schedule can be agreed on.

This is win-win.

You get to try my expertise before you acquire more of my services.

You get to confirm, if my style of consultation, works for you.

You get to determine, before any additional monies are expended, exactly what you need to proceed.

You are not obligated to continue with the consultative arrangement at the conclusion of your assigned hours.

I strive to deliver 100% service satisfaction.

I am ready to get started.
Let’s get my consultative retainer account open.
This arrangement allows me to:

1. Try the service, first

2. Establish, if it works for me

Plus I get the 100% service satisfaction

Please contact right away, I have additional business development questions.
email juniques@juniques.ws

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Build your Business by using

Juniques Marketing Consulting Services

I specialize in locating internal and external business

assets you already own and  converting those assets

into additional income streams for you.