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11.8 Trillion Dollar Marketplace

The Selig Center for Economic Growth indicates buying power for 1990-2013 for ethnic multicultural markets indicate formidable economic clout.  Their projections for 2013 are that these population segments will have an economic clout (buying power) of:

 African Americans $1,239.5 billion

Native Americans $85.6 billion

Asian Americans $752.2 billion

Hispanics, $1.4 trillion

Multiracial, $141.2 billion


The Selig report indicates that the buying power of just the Hispanic and African American market alone " are the larger than the entire economies of all but thirteen countries in the world."  The buying power of the un-segemented General Market is estimated to be at 11.8 trillion

*The Selig Center for Economic Growth University of Georgia, Terry College of Business


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