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Great News!! You do not have to sell!

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It is really that simple. You should ONLY be contacting people, who want you to, contact them!


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People Do Not Like to Sell!!!


Now, it is widely known, people like to buy, but not be sold too. 

Now how can that be true since the person had to find out about the product/service from communication source. Be it the neighbor, work associate, newspaper, flyer, internet search.  Somebody had to provide that communication.

So people like to buy but not be overtly sold to.

 Well, that fact can help you immensely. 

Provide people information they are seeking. Make sure whenever they search for information about the product/service you provide, they can easily locate you and CONTACT you!! Make sure that you are the communication contact person.

Now, companies spend thousands of dollars hourly, to people to "force" their message/communication on people. 

Commonly referred to as  Yuck, Ugh, Ehh, Not Interested, Leave me alone!, etc.


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Now there are many industries that track the results of this type of communicating. 

Statistic to measure every action and interaction. 

Many people who sell can earn great incomes from the people that buy. 

Yet and still People do not like to sell. 

How do people, who want to earn a great income from selling, NOT sell?

 Easy, Do Not Sell!


Provide information that has value to the recipient. Provide the information in a "safe" way and the result can be fantastic both persons.

What is safe?

How about postcards, blogs, audio messages, flyers, documentaries,forums, and many, many, many, more ways of safely conveying your "message that produces income". 

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